For a decade we have been in the Manuka Honey business, changing lives and being part of a community dedicated to spreading the benefits of this wonderful gift from nature. Inspired by our medical work with Manuka Honey, we created a line of athlete nutrition products that meet the needs of the elite athlete and the recreational fitness enthusiast. Our products are great tasting, formulated for efficacy based on the latest research, and made by the top manufacturers in the world. Manuka Sport Energy Gels, along with our raw honey option, were launched in Europe in 2016.

We at Manuka Sport care about the future of honey making. In every phase of harvesting, processing and distribution we strive to be friendly and sensitive to nature.


The most premium grade honey in the world comes from New Zealand and Manuka Sport sources honey from the very best producers. Manuka Honey is known for the natural health attributes beyond the role of a sweetener. Currently, Manuka honey is researched and used extensively worldwide as an effective means for treating hard to heal wounds in both human and veterinarian care.

The flavor of Manuka honey is rich and smooth with the perfect amount of sweetness. All Manuka Sport products are expertly formulated to lead the market in taste, flavor and palatability.

As a cycling coach and nutritionist I have long recommended my athletes utilize the many and varied benefits of Honey (especially Manuka) in their training fuel and general diet. When I came across Manuka Sport this product fulfilled every one of my tick lists. Natural ingredients with trace-ability and integrity at the core. I cant wait to see how many more national and world championship medals can be achieved whilst using this incredible Product.

— Kyleigh Manners